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Sustainability, Transformation & Resilience (STaR) Solution

Spreadsheet-based algorithm for strategic positioning of services

Sustainability, Transformation & Resilience (STaR) Solution


Challenges in managing healthcare services

  • Do you know which clinical services to invest in?

  • Which are the clinical services with the potential for high quality, profitable activity growth?

  • Which services need “roadmaps” directing them back to sustainability, such as new care models and strategic alliances?


STaR provides an easy to use, engaging analytical tool that supports healthcare providers or commissioners in identifying the comparative strategic positioning of services at a speciality or hospital level and to identify actions needed to build sustainability.

Unlike other strategic performance tools which focuses wholly on growth and market share, the STaR solution analyses healthcare performance holistically using key indicators across four domains:















STaR is an algorithm that scores performance against indicators into domains and plots each service into one of four business decision categories:

Performing at lower levels across all domains, rethink how

Control significant areas of variation across multiple domains

Potentially high risk performer, leverage strengths and opportunities for improvement

High performance across all domains, consider growth, new markets


Benefits and methodology

In pilots the STaR solution has identified significant savings and improved ways of working:

• £10m additional incurred costs in non-elective specialist medical services, achieved through new integrated pathways, end to end capture of income, rapid response and triage function

• Support the evidence base for a workforce transformation for a £1bn Trust to reduce staffing costs through new roles and service redesign

• Provided a highly strategic approach to tendering for community services, saving £9m in orthopaedic services

• Supported clinical teams in understanding the effects of poor quality care on financial performance and efficiencies


STaR is based on over 60 interviews with academics and key healthcare stakeholders including:

• Harvard
• Imperial College London
• University College London
• NHS national bodies, clinicians, managers
• Patient groups

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