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Scale, Spread and Embed Patient Experience Tool

Informing person-centred health and social care provision.

The feedback that patients provide on the experiences of their health and social care is critical to informing the quality and safety of care provision and services. The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is one opportunity for obtaining patient insights into the experiences of their care. However the human resource and time needed to manually read through, interpret and systematically analyse all patient experience feedback across the health and social care sector prevents incorporating this valuable data source sustainably towards quality improvement (QI). This poses an ethical dilemma for health and social care providers, having solicited the feedback but not being able to use it meaningfully as a rich source of organisational insights to deliver person-centred care. There is a growing emphasis, and policy directive, for care providers to move beyond only analysing response rates for patient experience surveys, but to use patient experience feedback in near-real time for QI initiatives.


Given the large volumes of patient experience data that need to be interpreted, artificial intelligence (AI) and in particular natural language processing (NLP) offers a practical solution to analyse patient narratives in near real-time. The Scale, Spread and Embed Patient Experience Tool uses AI to provide near real-time interpretation of patient experience free-text comments and has been developed to embed user insights into a culture of organisational person-centred care delivery.

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